Back to the grind: a 3L’s perspective on the beginning of a new school year

Once again, it’s the beginning of another school year and I’m sitting around wondering where my summer went. I spent a good portion of my summer studying for the MPRE and working in the Rockhurst University Athletics Department doing some compliance work. I did manage to sneak off to San Diego for a couple weeks and catch the first weekend of the College World Series up in Omaha. As my Mom said, “You better enjoy it now, because starting next summer, you’ll be working full time.”

What Mom didn’t warn me about was that “3L-itis” sets in about 2 days into the semester and that searching for a job that will allow me to pay off my student loans is turning in to a full-time job in itself! Add job hunting to my 15 hours of class, my part-time job, and what you get is a very busy semester! I am in no way complaining – in fact I’d rather be busy and have things to get my mind off of class. I’m enjoying being a part of the real world, even if it is only for 10 hours a week. Searching for a job, while not the most exciting thing I’ve ever done, is really rewarding when I get a phone call or email saying that I’ve landed an interview.

Hopefully I can report back in a few weeks (or months) and tell everyone that I’ve landed a fantastic job in a really fun city, but until that happens I’ll continue sending out resumes, cover letters, and transcripts while trying to stay on top of my reading and outlines. I’m not completely consumed with school and job applications; I’ve managed to find time to catch some KU football games and play some golf, and once basketball season starts (October 15 is Late Night in the Phog) I will be camping in the Fieldhouse and attending the games like any other KU student.

I’m definitely looking forward to my last year as a full-time student, but getting more excited every day to walking down the hill at graduation in May!

Courtney Johnston, 3L