A tumultuous, but rewarding, time to be an attorney

Joel ThompsonThe late Jeremy Bentham once said, “The power of the lawyer is in the uncertainty of the law.” The truth in Bentham’s words became apparent almost immediately after I started my classes at KU Law. One of the most fascinating things about our legal system is how malleable our law is, bending with the times and current events. Despite your political affiliation, it should be clear modern events are trending towards an environment in which lawyers will be more necessary than ever.

In classes such as Constitutional Law, professors frequently use hypotheticals to ensure the class understands a particular rationale from a case. However, lately the “hypotheticals” have turned into “realities” because the pressing issues usually poised as fake questions are actually before us as a legal community, and society as a whole. Issues such as the legality of the latest travel ban, Medicare expansion and the possible “deconstruction of the administrative state” are all currently before us.

Attorneys have been and always will be charged with ensuring our legal system operates fairly and equally for all. The “uncertainties” in the law are there for interpretation, and the young minds of the legal profession will soon come to play a crucial role in said interpretation. These are not vague, above the fray issues – but serious legal problems, which will affect possibly millions of people.

The choice to go to law school is not an easy one, but it is definitely a rewarding one. Everyday I appreciate going to class, acquiring knowledge that will ensure I am prepared to adequately address any legal issue presented. I find comfort in knowing, even though there are those who may disagree with me; we are all bound by the same law. During such tumultuous times, the world needs honest, fair-minded lawyers who will pledge to uphold the law. Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they wear robes and suit jackets.

– Jöel Thompson is a 1L and student ambassador from Fairfax, Virginia.