Best places to study for finals

With finals just around the corner, finding the perfect place to study is essential. Personally, I read about a page an hour in the comfort of my own home, and find that I have to seek out spots more conducive to the learning experience. The Wheat Law Library provides a great studying environment, my own study carrel, and professors nearby, but unfortunately is only open until 11 o’clock at the latest. So for the night owl in you, I recommend the following places to study until night blends into day.

Spahr Engineering Library

Probably the best of the on-campus options, Spahr offers both Group (1st floor) and Quiet Zone (2nd Floor) areas open Monday through Friday night, with limited hours on weekends. The best part is that it is located about 50 yards north of Green Hall. There is a small snack bar open with standard fare on-campus items until 9 PM, and vending machines in an adjoining building. The only knock is that the bathrooms are also located in an adjoining building. Food delivery is hit or miss because there is no place for the delivery person to park. Large tables and conference rooms are available for group collaboration.

Study Quality: **** out of five
Munchies: *** out of five
Internet: ***** out of five (as long as you are a KU Student)

Anschutz Library

The newly remodeled Anschutz library offers a great set of couches and chairs, along with numerous floors with both Quiet Zone and Group Zone areas. During finals season, the library is open 24 hours a day (Except Sat-Sun), and also houses a snack bar with standard snack fare and drink. There are a limited number of personal study areas on the main floor, and a nearby place for delivery to park. I have two main problems with Anschutz. First, the group study areas are really more of a social area, and can get loud even into the night. Second, the wireless situation is really hit or miss. At capacity, sometimes my computer won’t connect. The University is working on the problem, but until it does, I can’t rate highly in that area.

Study Quality: ** out of five (Group), **** out of five (Quiet)
Munchies: *** out of Five
Internet: ** out of Five

Java Break

Located at 17 E. 7th Street off of Massachusetts Avenue, Java Break is very popular because it is a true 24-7 coffee shop. It has coffee house food like muffins and other baked goods, but the best part is the cereal bar. Internet is available, but requires a purchase. The clientele is a bit unique, but offers a great study environment with comfortable seating.

Study Quality: **** out of Five
Munchies: **** out of Five
Internet: *** out of Five


The International House of Pancakes off 31st and Iowa provides probably the best late night munchies in town, at the cost of no free Internet. This can be a plus, but not for the purposes of this review. If you absolutely must have access, either bring an aircard, or login to the city’s pay service Wi-Fi, open in most places around town. The food is good, and power outlets are available, but the study environment is hit or miss. It is either dead quiet, or full of rowdy weekend bar exports.

Study Quality: ** out of Five
Munchies: ***** out of Five
Internet * out of Five


Listed purely on the advice of fellow students is Munchers. Located at 925 Iowa Street, it is 24-7, and serves some great pastries and breakfast food fare. Some reviews say the shop has a very warehouse feel but there are plenty of tables, and some of the snack choices are an amazing value. While I can’t vouch for it myself, the City’s pay for use wireless should be available, but no Wi-Fi is provided onsite.

Study Quality *** out of Five
Munchies: ***** out of Five
Internet: * out of Five

Nathan Behncke, 2L