Visiting Scholar Spotlight: Doğan Durna

Five questions with Doğan Durna, visiting scholar from Turkey

1. Why did you choose to study at KU Law? How did you learn about our program and establish contact?

In 2010 I met Prof.John Head through a friend of mine who studied at KU Law. We discussed the Turkey portion of his book draft. At that time I told Prof. Head I hoped to find an opportunity to study at KU  Law in the future. Last year my wish came true:  I was granted a scholarship by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of Turkey, and I found an opportunity to study here. When I got the scholarship I contacted my faculty shepherd, Prof. Andrew Torrance. He accepted me, and I started my study here.

2. What are your professional goals for your time at KU Law? What will be your next career step after your time here?

My goal is to get a deeper knowledge about my working area–namely, biotechnology law and policy. Also I hope to make contacts to prospect research. After I finish my research KU I will return to my home institution and serve as legal advisor on agrilaw issues.

3.How does the academic and research environment at KU Law differ from your home culture / institution?

There are differences from my home institution. First, all academic and administrative staff are very helpful and kind. When you need help they try their best. Secondly, KU Law has a multicultural environment. You can find different people from different parts of the world. It gives an opportunity for comparative understanding of legal issues.

4.What are your favorite things about Lawrence? What about home do you miss the most?

I have several favorite things  about Lawrence but the most important ones are that Lawrence is a small and safe city for child raising and people are very friendly. I miss my family and my hometown.

5. What advice would you offer to other scholars who may want to do research abroad?

People who want to do research abroad should improve their foreign language ability. Study abroad is a very good opportunity to build a network for prospective academic and professional work. Try to meet people who work in a relevant field.

Doğan Durna analyzes agricultural biotechnology policy and law in Turkey.