Timeless tips for the mock interview season

Mock interviews help prepare you for the upcoming interviewing season, but you can also take the opportunity to network and build your base of contacts. Below are some pointers for the Mock Interview program from Leah Terranova, director of career services.

Attire & Documents

Wear a suit and bring a copy of your resume, cover letter and transcript, just like you would for a real interview. Put your documents in a portfolio; if you don’t have one, you may borrow one from our office, but be sure to bring it back. You may bring a writing sample, however, there may not be time for the interviewer to review it.

Wait outside the assigned room at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled interview start time.


Pretend you are applying for a summer associate or entry-level position at the firm or agency. Research your interviewer and their agency. Remember, you’re interviewing them as much as they’re interviewing you. You are scheduled to spend 30 minutes with the interviewer: 20 minutes for the interview and 10 minutes for the critique. Have questions ready for them. If you need any help with that, check your Orientation Handbook in Symplicity’s Document Library. Remember at the end of the interview to thank them and emphasize your continued interested in the position.

Someone asked me if these interviewers would be the same people interviewing during OCI. It’s unlikely, though possible. Either way, you should treat this as an opportunity to make a lasting positive impression on a potential employer.

Look at the sample evaluation form in Symplicity’s Document Library and use it as a guide as you prepare for the interview. After the interview, listen carefully to the interviewer’s evaluation; this is an experience designed to help you learn and improve. Ask questions and solicit pointers on what you can do to better prepare yourself for a real interview.

After the Interview

Be sure to thank them for their time and send a thank-you note. It can be handwritten or typed, but it is extremely important to send one. An emailed thank-you letter is fine, but I think sending one through snail mail will make a bigger impression. You never know where it may lead in the future.

Arturo or Leah will be available to review your taped interview with you. When you schedule your mock interview, also schedule an appointment to review your mock interview – and be sure to indicate that the appointment is to review your mock interview. The appointment should be scheduled for at least a few days after the interview so we have time to retrieve the footage. Remember, signing up for a review session is required in order to sign up for a mock interview.

Best of luck!