3-to-1 mentor relationships unravel Green Hall mysteries

Adjusting to life in law school can be a monumental task. The quicker you adjust, the better your experience will be. That goes the same whether you are straight out of undergrad or, like myself, spent years working in another field before matriculating. Those first classes were filled with so many unknown terms, and not just legal terms. What were these outlines professors kept mentioning? How could you get previous exams online? Why does Green Hall seem to have secret passages? These questions are simply too embarrassing to ask in class.

The goal of 3-to-1 KU Law is to give first-year students a person to whom they can direct those questions, a person with experience. Almost exactly equal numbers of 3L mentors and 1L mentees signed up this year. Over pizza and a beer or two, the 3-to-1 board earlier this month went about the task of pairing mentors with mentees. It tried to pair students with similar interests and backgrounds. Emails went out to mentors introducing them to their mentees early on the evening of Oct. 3 – hopefully the first step in forging a number of lasting bonds and creating a connection between two KU Law classes.

Mentees can expect to hear from their mentors soon. Ideally, some friendships will develop and the KU Law community will be stronger for it. At the very least, more students will learn Green Hall’s secrets.

— Matthew Moriarty is a 3L and treasurer of 3-to-1 KU Law.