And the Winner Is…SBA election results

The Student Bar Association election has come to a close, bringing a mix of new and continued leadership. Michael Andrusak, 2L, won the SBA executive board presidential election for the second straight year, Zak Beasley will move from 1L to 2L president, and 2L vice-president Casey Johnson will be the new 3L president. Chalinee Tinaves, the current 1L vice president, was elected vice president of the SBA executive board.

Andrusak believes that continuity will be beneficial for the SBA, both in events and in board membership. He has been working to amend the SBA Constitution to require both the vice president and secretary of the board to be 2Ls who could run again their third year. The new requirement would potentially give the board more experience, which is beneficial to both the student body and the administration. Andrusak said that the amended constitution would need to be approved by a majority of students.

“I am a very lucky man, and am appreciative to be entrusted by the student body and by the administration to make decisions and hopefully be a leader that listens and learns from others,” he said. “I can assure everyone that next year will be even better.”

The complete results for this year’s election:

SBA Executive Board:

  • President – Michael Andrusak
  • Vice President – Chalinee Tinaves
  • Treasurer – Clark Quigley
  • Secretary – Katie Collins
  • Sr. ABA Rep – Laura Ann Mueller

3L Class Officers:

  • President – Casey Johnson
  • Vice President – Tyler Emerson

2L Class Officers:

  • President – Zak Beasley
  • Vice President – Scott Goodger
  • Class Representative – Shannon Hughes
  • Class Representative – Ashley Patton