From summer associate to softball player

My first day at my internship with Fleeson, Gooing, Coulson & Kitch this summer started out perfectly. We met all the attorneys over bagels, we were set up with keys and parking passes, and we were taken to lunch by one of the attorneys who initially interviewed us. After lunch, things took a sharp turn for the worse. I found an e-mail in my inbox asking for our jersey sizes for a softball game the next day.

I like law school because it works for me. I’m from a family of musicians and teachers; we all read a lot, and I do as little as possible outdoors. I never imagined that my course in school would take me onto an athletic field. But I couldn’t turn down an invitation on my first day of work, so I would step up to the plate, so to speak.

This was easier said than done. I found a pair of unused running shoes in the back of my closet, bought some athletic shorts and a glove, and baked cookies as a premature apology for what my participation would do to the team. I was in a cold sweat when my name was called to bat. I held the bat up like I imagined you’re supposed to when playing softball and waited … and waited. Finally, I realized the pitcher was waiting for me to be “ready.” As I had no idea how to look “ready,” I eventually just yelled, “Go ahead.”

I struck out. I did a little better as the game went on, and as catcher got in a lot of practice catching softballs with my ankles. The team, comprised of attorneys and interns from my firm and another firm in our building, was encouraging to a fault. I didn’t always understand their advice (I thought they were accusing me at first when they yelled “choke up” until I looked over and realized what they meant), but I was thrilled to have teammates who didn’t mind my lack of skills.

After the games, all the teams head to a sports bar for fabulous greasy tacos and flat beer. It gives all of us an opportunity to laugh off the game and get to know one another. Attorneys from firms across Wichita have an opportunity to socialize with each other and with interns like me. I am surprised to find that softball has been one of my favorite experiences of my summer internship, and one that I suggest all of the students who get the opportunity to work in Wichita for the summer take advantage of.

Alyssa Boone, 2L and Student Ambassador