Graduate Profile: Jake McMillian, L’15

Before law school, Jake McMillian contends that his grasp of the law ran about as deep as an episode of “Law and Order: SVU.” But after three years in Green Hall, he’s armed with the knowledge and experience to launch his legal career and advocate effectively for his passion, LGBTQ rights.

“Kansas is a tough place for LGBTQ rights,” he said. “That being said, law is as effective a tool for creating change as any, and if I truly want to do this work, then Kansas — my home — is a great place to do it.”

McMillian notes his role in planning the 2015 Diversity in Law Banquet as his most enriching law school experience. Hosted this year by the student group OUTLaws & Allies, the annual event is a major fundraiser for the school’s diversity scholarship fund.

“It was the first time that the LGBTQ student group hosted the event, and we raised more money than any banquet in history,” McMillian said. “It was a big moment for KU and for OUTLaws.”

Classmates and faculty rely on McMillian for his tireless support of the school and his peers, but he sees his allegiance as the natural response to the support he received from KU.

“KU Law administration, faculty and students have invested a lot in me as a student and as a professional,” he said. “KU has demonstrated that they see value in me and my interests by recruiting me, hiring me in Admissions to recruit diverse students, sending me to LGBTQ legal conferences to focus my craft, and seeking my guidance and recommending me for committees regarding student safety and inclusion.”

“I support KU Law because KU Law has done so much to support me. Being valued by your institution is the most any student can ever ask for.”