Graduate Profiles: Jason Harmon, L’15, & Paul Mose, L’15

Jason Harmon

Jason Harmon, L’15

Jason Harmon and Paul Mose followed similar paths through law school — both have young families, were moot court partners and will work at Kansas City firm Shook Hardy & Bacon after graduation.

For Harmon and Mose, balancing the roles of husband, father and student proved the most challenging aspect of law school.

“My wife and kids deserve a law degree of their own,” said Harmon, father of a 4-year-old, 3-year-old and 1-year-old. “They’ve made many sacrifices and are looking forward to being done. We’ve grown a lot as a family and made a lot of friends at KU Law.”

One of those friends was Mose, a husband and father of a 1-year-old from Emporia, Kansas, who says he learned about balancing multiple priorities from Harmon. “I saw how he successfully balanced having a wife, three kids, living in the country, school and church responsibilities,” Mose said. “I imagine most in my class would agree that we’ve learned far more from our classmates than any particular class.”

Paul Mose

Paul Mose, L’15

“There came a point in my second year where I was not sure if I could physically do everything,” Harmon said. “Just when I’d have that thought, I’d get another Law Review assignment.” He persevered by keeping his priorities in check, going home for dinner every night and spending time with his family on the weekends.

“My kids are small, and they’ll never be small again,” Harmon said. “I made a firm commitment at the beginning of law school never to forget that.”

For Mose, the adjustment to law school took a lot of prayer and learning from mistakes, but the big moments — like winning KU’s in-house moot court competition with Harmon – made it worth it.

With the support of their families, both Harmon and Mose not only survived law school, but thrived, and found a place in the KU Law community in the process.

“When we came to Lawrence, it was the farthest east we had ever been,” said Harmon, an Orem, Utah, native. “Now we plan on staying.”