Lawyering with purpose

Student organizations and campus extracurriculars

Corrinne Yoder-Mulkey, 1L

As my first year of law school is wrapping up, I have reflected on what made my year so great. One of the things that I was excited about coming into law school was the diverse student groups and campus opportunities available to KU Law students. I am involved in the following: joint degree program with the journalism school, KJHK 90.7fm student-run radio, Trans Law Student Association (TLSA), OUTlaws & Allies, Public Interest Legal Society, Ambassadors and the Balance and Well-Being student group. While I participate in leadership roles in TLSA and OUTlas, the rest of my extracurriculars are casual and for fun.

I spearheaded a CLE seminar about queer and trans legal issues, and a clothes donation drive for the campus Trans Closet

You should involve yourself in student organizations while at KU Law. KU Law has many organizations that cover everything from identity to hobby to legal specialty. I am the treasurer of TLSA and the 1L representative for OUTlaws & Allies. I have organized events, promoted fundraisers, and created community through my leadership roles in these organizations. My advocacy for queer people through these organizations brings meaning to my legal education and has opened me up to a career in civil rights. New KU Law students should try out organizations and attend their events. You can make new friends and enrich your learning in the classroom with interest-based resources.

Students also have access to organizations on the main campus of KU. I am a DJ on KJHK 90.7fm every Saturday from 12-3 p.m. as DJ Crush. Being a KJHK DJ has been a lifelong goal of mine, and I feel so lucky that I can contribute to the station and community as a law student. My involvement with KJHK is purely for my own enjoyment and mental health. I love playing music on air – and I usually do my law homework between breaks. KU Law students can choose to join any of the 500+ student organizations open to the general campus. I highly recommend finding one activity outside of the law school that brings you joy. You get a chance to explore the rest of campus and make strong connections to the school and city of Lawrence.

I am pictured here (left) with TLSA Vice President Dahlia Denton (center) and Historian Kas Caton (right)

Students can further pursue non-legal academic interests through one of the 11 joint degree offerings. I am a journalism master’s degree candidate in addition to my legal studies. KU Law also offers a certificate program to facilitate interest specialization. Most professors will allow students to take independent studies with them. Independent studies are another way to hone in on your exact interests and make meaningful connections with faculty who can mentor you.

You can truly make the most out of your three years at KU Law by taking advantage of law student organizations, campus organizations, certificate programs, and joint degree choices. With all of these choices, you definitely have to prioritize your time and value your energy above all things. I have a nice mix of things that bring me energy, things that challenge me, and things that are hard but important work. We can and should get joy from a variety of things because lawyers are humans too. Law school is the best time to start new hobbies, create new habits, and open new doors.

Corrinne Yoder-Mulkey is a 1L KU Law Student Ambassador from Eudora, Kansas