Making law school friends

I remember starting law school last year and wondering if it would be hard to find friends here at Green Hall. It turns out that between small sections and Student Bar Association (SBA) football tailgates it really isn’t that hard to find people with like interests.

One of the things I really enjoyed my 1L fall semester was the small sections, which group you together with 20-something of your fellow 1Ls in one of the core curriculum classes. My small section was contracts class with Professor Peck. Between the Learned Hand Chicken Feed and the dinner Professor Peck hosted at his house, many of my good friends in school came from meeting them in my small section.

Additionally, a great thing about KU in the fall is the SBA football tailgates on “the hill”. Although basketball may reign supreme at KU from October to April, KU football has had its fair share of success is recent years. One of the traditions for KU football is tailgating on “the hill” that overlooks Memorial Stadium. Every home game the tailgate provides a reprieve from my studies, an opportunity to hang out with other law students and alumni. It’s yet another great way to meet other law students that you may not know from class.

Between the two of these and many of the other activities at KU Law in the fall, I have met some of my best friends in law school. As a 1L I would definitely recommend attending the events to meet people, and at the very least give you a break from hitting the books. I think these events help to create the collegial atmosphere at KU Law, and they are part of what sets KU Law apart from other law schools in my mind.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Matt Meyer, 2L