My (fun) first-year experiences

Rather than whine about how challenging and difficult the first year of law school is (I do that enough on Facebook), I’m choosing to write about something you never hear from a first year student: law school can be fun. Yes, there is an endless amount of reading, and yes, it is all very challenging. I expected that when I applied to law school. It’s the nature of the beast. What I didn’t expect was the fun experiences that I have had already.

Wednesday Night Sand Volleyball

Since the start of the semester, a number of first year students have gotten together every Wednesday night to relax by playing some sand volleyball. It has turned the middle of the week into a night that everybody looks forward to. Starting as something fun to do for ten people, Wednesday Night Volleyball has turned into a tradition that includes around 30 people every week. We choose new teams every week because we are consistently getting new people involved. It’s proven to be not only a fun way to relax on Wednesday nights, but also a great way to make friends with classmates I haven’t had the chance to meet yet.

Exploring Lawrence

There is always something cool going on in Lawrence. Comedian Aziz Ansari performed at KU’s Lied Center and students only had to pay $10 to see him. A couple of weeks ago I went to this free sidewalk performer festival called the Busker Festival. I saw the American Strong Woman, a magician, a couple of bands, and even a puppet show. In addition to going to the various shows and festivals, Lawrence has a lot of trendy restaurants and bars. Whether I’m going to dinner for a friend’s birthday or going to a bar to watch Monday Night Football, exploring Lawrence with friends is always a lot of fun.

Saturday Game Days

Graduating undergrad from Marquette University, I never had a college football team. I had been to KU football games before, but never as an actual KU student. Even though the team has had its ups and downs, I have always had going to the games and tailgating. KU Law’s Student Bar Association (SBA) organizes a free tailgate before each home game, which is a great place to hang out and meet other classmates, upperclassmen, and faculty. My favorite experience as a KU student came when KU beat #15 Georgia Tech and we rushed the field. It not only was a huge upset, but it was a really exciting game in itself.

Don’t be like me and only expect the worst. Don’t get me wrong, I did find out that the reading is endless, the material is difficult, and the professors are challenging. But I also realized that my classmates are going through the same motions that I am, and that there are plenty of opportunities for us to have a good time.

Henry Thomas, 1L