The Top Five places to cry at Green Hall

Law School is TOUGH. It can be overwhelming, exhausting, tiring, shattering and mind-boggling (Have I met my word requirement yet?). While we each have our own way of coping through this process, sometimes the answer is to cry. Crying will not suddenly solve all your problems, but it certainly does release some tasty endorphins.[1] Follow my friends and I on this journey as we discover the top five places to cry at Green Hall!

#5. In Your Car in The Central District Parking Garage[2]

This is a classic spot. The Central District Parking Garage provides an adequate distance from Green Hall and still provides the privacy of being in your own vehicle. Additionally, if you are craving a view, you can park on the top floor of the garage and get a good view of campus.

#4. Study Room 407

Student crying in Mary Ann Mize Dickinson Memorial Garden

Sometimes you need a planned cry. If that is the case, Room 407 is the room for you! Located on the fourth floor of the building, you are guaranteed to enjoy some peace and quiet around you. Additionally, you can book the room at the library front desk to guarantee your spot.

#3. Green Hall Garden

Located right outside of Green Hall, this small garden is the perfect area to be able to enjoy the outside weather while providing a little bit of privacy. With a few plants and the relaxing sound of running water, it is also a great place to eat lunch or answer phone calls.

#2. Wellness Room (212A)

Wow! What a room! The Wellness Room is equipped to provide students a small escape from the stress of law school. Equipped with a comfy couch, a small peaceful fountain, books, essential oils and a yoga ball chair, this room is ready for any emergency you may face.


KU offers a wide variety of programs and resources concerning mental health that often go under-utilized. My SSP provides 24/7 real time confidential support from professional counselors at no cost to you via text or phone call. My SSP also provides articles, assessments and podcasts concerning mental health. My experience at KU Law has shown me that that they do truly care about the mental wellbeing of their students, and I hope to see more people utilize this resource.

[1] Fun Fact: endorphins do not have a taste.

[2] Please ensure you have the proper parking permit to be in this garage.

— By Anshul Banga, 2L from Atlanta and a KU Law Student Ambassador