Thankful for the journey

The beautiful changing leaves around campus are the best reminder to me that much of the fall semester has come and gone. Finals are quickly approaching and it seems that my classmates and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. When people ask if I am excited to be almost finished, my response is that I feel like I have barely started.

Law school is a bit of a time vacuum. When you find yourself juggling classes, extra curricular activities, a part-time job and the other general aspects of life, it is hard to realize that days continue to come and go. But yet, here I am. It is November of my third year and Thanksgiving (and finals) is upon us. This time of the semester is typically full of anxiety and stress, but this time I find myself simply being thankful for the experience.

I was very nervous coming into Green Hall two and a half years ago not only because I had never attended public school, but also because I was accustomed to close communities and small class sizes. The KU campus was something more daunting than I had ever experienced. It did not take long, however, to realize that I felt comfortable and at home.

KU Law splits its 1L class into small sections of approximately 20 students to provide the entering students with a core group of support and a constant supply of familiar faces. Instantly I found friends and confidants in this group of classmates. The faculty and staff are helpful and encouraging along every step of the way. This has made all the difference in my law school experience.

KU Law has helped shaped my thoughts, my perspectives and my goals for my career. I have learned from the academic curriculum but also from the diversity of the student body. KU provided an environment to gain an education that far surpasses the classroom. I am fortunate for how I have grown intellectually but more important as a person. With only one semester left, I am thankful for the journey.

Kristen Koenen, 3L