The perfect study break, trivia night also yields bragging rights

photo of Whitney Novak
In my few months as a law student, one of the most important things I have learned is how to balance the rigors of law school with the reality of the outside world. It is so easy to get caught up in reading, outlining, writing assignments and venting with fellow students that you forget there is, indeed, another world out there, a world you used to be an active member of and actually enjoy. It is of utmost importance to drag yourself away from your study carrel for at least a few hours a week and see the light of day. I have tried to make a priority of staying in touch with non-law school friends and family, working out when I can, and curling up with a good episode of “Mad Men.”

One of my favorite activities is weekly trivia at a local bar. The Wednesday night trivia tradition began over the summer when a group of my fellow students and I decided to get a few drinks and try our luck at trivia. After six rounds of questions from categories covering topics across the board, we found ourselves the third-place champions and recipients of a $10 gift certificate – enough incentive to come back again the next week and shoot for the first-place $50 prize. It just so happened that the following week we, in fact, did win first place, confirming we were natural trivia whizzes. With the exception of a few weeks spent studying for finals, we have become consistent contenders, using our nerdiness to our advantage and accumulating hundreds of dollars in bar gift certificates.

We recently took it upon ourselves to make the 2L team our No. 1 rival. As long as we beat the 2Ls, we consider ourselves champions. Our greatest victory was the night we came from behind to beat the first-place 2Ls on the final question. It is important we have the bragging rights in Green Hall.

We are always looking for sharp minds with area expertise to join the team. If you are particularly knowledgeable in the fields of sports or music, we’d love to have you.

Whitney Novak, 1L and Student Ambassador