Why law school isn’t that bad

We often hear all the horrors of law school: the large amounts of stress, never having enough time and constant pressure to be the best. While these feelings are common and felt by everyone at some point in time, sometimes we forget to highlight the best parts of law school.

Jamie Treto
Jamie Treto, 2L Student Ambassador
  • Meeting great friends
Jamie Treto with law school friends

Law school exposes us to a variety of unique people. We come from all over the world with different upbringings and distinct experiences. But one thing that binds us together is our desire to pursue law. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals is refreshing and enjoyable. Whether you find friends who can debate your favorite legal theories or friends who make you step away from the academic world, finding people that *get* you will make your time at Green Hall much more enjoyable. My friends and I like to host small, themed gatherings at the end of each semester and talk about anything but the law. We also have furry friends join us from time to time.

  • Taking interesting courses and clinics

Let’s be honest, we all hated taking math in undergrad. I’m almost certain hating math is a requirement for all law school applications. Now that I’m in law school, I get to steer away from that side of academia and take courses that interest me and further my career. KU Law offers a variety of courses and clinics that will give you the knowledge and hands-on training you’ll need to decide what career path you want to take. Whether you want to try your hand at the Elder Law Field Placement Program or want to work to exonerate innocent people who have been wrongfully convicted, Green Hall provides clinics to give you that hands-on experience. For me, being a student intern in the Paul E. Wilson Project for Innocence & Post-Conviction Remedies has solidified my desire to help people who have been wrongfully convicted and work toward a more equitable system of justice. As for tax law? I’ll pass on that!

  • Learning to prioritize what’s important
Jamie Treto and her dog Bella having a treat

I love free time, who doesn’t? But I have learned to love it so much more now that I have less of it. On the days that I have an afternoon to myself, I always prioritize doing things that I enjoy rather than lying around doing nothing. If the weather is cold, I’ll hit the gym or cook up a new recipe. If the weather is warm, my dog, Bella, and I like to explore Clinton Lake or other walking trails throughout Lawrence. I used to find excuses or push things off for “another time,” but now that my schedule is packed, I jump at any opportunity to do something new. Currently, Bella and I love people watching at Burcham Park and rewarding ourselves with some ice cream afterward.

-By Jamie Treto, a 2L from Garden City, Kansas and KU Law Student Ambassador