A Firefox plug-in for your legal writing? Score!

CiteGenie: Automagically copies text with correct citations from Westlaw, Lexis and other Web sites.

One of the best parts about doing research electronically is you have the ability to cut and paste from your browser straight into your document. However, figuring out how to cite what you just pasted can be a bit of a hastle. By adding CiteGenie as a plugin in Firefox, the option of “copy with CiteGenie” is added to your right-click menu. This will allow you to paste the text into any other program along with the pinpoint citation for the selected text from the court opinon. Here is an example from the CiteGenie website.

Not only does CiteGenie work with cases, but it also works with statutes, regulations and many secondary sources such as ALR, CSJ and law review journals.

So hop on over to CiteGenie’s Web site and download it for free!

As always, let me know what you think!

Blake Wilson
Instructional and Research Services Librarian