Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Law School

The KU Law chapter of Phi Alpha Delta presented a current student’s perspective on the “Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Law School” to prospective law students in KU’s PAD Pre-Law Chapter on Sept. 8. Here are their tips:
  1. On the first day of law school, everyone is on an even playing field, regardless of age, career background, undergraduate major, or LSAT score.
  2. Your LSAT score is not necessarily an accurate depiction of how well you’ll do in law school.
  3. In certain undergraduate classes, you were probably able to “BS” your way to an A. That strategy does not work in law school! You need to learn the material and know what you’re talking about.
  4. There is no reason to start reading your law school casebooks over the summer to get a jump start on everyone else.
  5. If you read any books about “How To Survive Law School,” keep in mind that those books feature just one person’s opinion. That author’s advice might not work for you, and you will figure out the best ways for YOU to prepare for class, study and take finals throughout your first year.
  6. NETWORKING! Keep in touch with friends you grew up with and people you meet during undergrad. You never know who you will need to contact when you start searching for jobs.
  7. You should help out your law school classmates if they ask you to. Why? Karma. The next time you need notes from class or help studying for finals, your classmates will remember whether you explained something to them last week or refused to give them notes last month.
  8. Be prepared to relearn how to read and write! Law school classes are completely different from any class you’ve ever taken, and legal writing is completely different from any way you’ve previously been taught to write.
  9. Do not underestimate the amount of time you’ll spend in the library. That said, you will still have time to do non-law school things, so set aside time to exercise and relax.
  10. To get the most out of your law school career, get involved in student organizations! It will give you a much-needed break from studying, and it’s also a great way to meet new people.