Exploring the Emerald Island with KU Law

Study abroad opportunities with KU Law

Reagan Hoskin, 2L

Studying abroad is a transformative experience. Students have the opportunity to broaden their horizons while enriching their educational experience. I know my educational experience was positively impacted by my three-week stay in Ireland this past summer.

What I Did:

Trinity College at night
Photo courtesy of Reagan Hoskin

KU Law in Ireland is a three-week study abroad opportunity offered every other summer. Professor Melanie Daily led the group of 13 students. We spent the first two weeks studying at the University of Limerick, we spent a weekend in Galway and the last week we stayed at Trinity College in Dublin.

What I Learned in Class:

Professor Daily taught Comparative Family Law. This class focused on comparing U.S., Irish and European Union family law. Professor Friel, Head of the School of Law at the University of Limerick, Ireland, taught us about U.S. Counterterrorism in an International Context and the European Union as a Global Regulator. These classes were held throughout our stay in Ireland.

Since Ireland is a member state of the European Union, studying in Ireland provided a unique opportunity to also dive into EU law and explore the history of the EU. Professor Friel was able to provide insights into how the EU operates in the world and how the EU and the U.S. interact. The classes provided a unique perspective on the U.S. and international law, a perspective that could only be gained abroad. I enjoyed the relevance of each class and have already utilized the knowledge I gained.

The highlight of the class program was the tour of the Irish Court of Justice. Comparing the Irish courts to U.S. courts and speaking with members of the court was intriguing and informative.

Cahir Castle
Photo courtesy of Reagan Hoskin

What I Learned Outside of Class:

Studying in Ireland was not just about the classes, though. We had the chance to explore Ireland’s rich history. I visited several castles, churches, museums and historical buildings. Watching history come to life as I traveled through Ireland was a memorable experience. It was humbling to stand in places where the story of the place could be traced back centuries before.

The vibrant landscapes of the Emerald Island are breathtaking. The hills of the countryside rolled away from the bus window as if we were traveling through a painting. Sheep dotted the emerald green landscape like polka dots on fabric. None of the pictures I took could do it justice.

Ireland boasts a lively culture with an abundance of live music. While wandering the streets of Dublin, one will hear traditional Irish tunes pouring from the pubs or sung by street performers. Once, we were lucky enough to watch traditional Irish dancing. 

Why I Would Study Abroad Again (And You Should Too!):

These various experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, added up to an enriching adventure. Observing different cultures pushes you out of your comfort zone and creates new perspectives. The time I spent in Ireland was an unforgettable journey where I grew academically, personally and professionally. I highly recommend traveling abroad while in law school.  

The Irish Sea
Photo courtesy of Reagan Hoskin

– Reagan Hoskin is a 2L KU Law Student Ambassador from Pittsfield, Illinois