Countdown to the return of the Supremes

After a summer break, the Supremes will be coming back. So what does their end-of-summer look like leading up to Oct. 4?

    1. A return from summer fun stuff. Many of the Supremes spend time in foreign countries teaching law students, giving speeches and, of course, getting some much-needed rest. Well, except for Justice Kagan. She’s been at the court learning all of the ins and outs, such as which is the quietest restroom and where to pick up the best cupcakes for her coworkers. She’ll want to make a great impression on her first day!
    2. Sept. 27 is the Supremes’ long conference. This is a meeting of all of the justices at which they will discuss all of the cases that came up during the summer and decide whether or not to grant cert. The most junior justice is required to sit by the door and is responsible for passing notes in and out of the room and fetching coffee. I’ve also heard the most junior justice has to wear a bunny suit, but this has yet to be confirmed.
    3. Oct. 1 will be Justice Kagan’s formal investiture, with a special ceremony in the Supreme’s courtroom. Kagan will get to sit in John Marshall’s old chair and, afterwards, will walk down the stairs of the courthouse with the chief justice. Sans bunny suit.
    4. Oct. 4 at 10 a.m. will be the start of the term. It is likely that the chief justice will welcome Justice Kagan, and then they will move right along to the first oral arguments. This looks to be a very exciting year!

I know that I’m lookig forward to a new term with a new justice. How about you?

W. Blake Wilson, Instructional & Research Services Librarian