A Night to Remember

Barrister’s Ball as told by Zac Efron and the cast of High School Musical 3

Karen Campbell, 1L, (center) and other KU Law students at the Barrister’s Ball

Guess now it’s official! Friday, March 24, 2023, was the Barrister’s Ball – Law Prom if you will. As we’re get-a-getting ready for this night of nights, here are a few reflections on the Student Bar Association’s biggest event of the year. Let’s dance!

1. “Should I go movie star glamorous / sassy or sweet?”

KU Law is a low-key, relaxed environment compared to many law schools; this means that as 1Ls, many of us have never seen each other in clothing any more formal than the de facto in-class uniform of blue jeans and sweatpants (with the occasional business casual on-campus-interview getup) Whether you go “classic or vintage or plaid,” you’ll look great!

2. “Makeovers, massages (don’t know what a corsage is)”

One of the entire points of Barrister’s Ball is an opportunity to take a break and let off some steam before finals week begins. For some of us, the chance to do something totally different from outlining and Property flashcards are a chance to practice the work-life balance that KU Law and our Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, Dean Leah Terranova, have emphasized since the first day of boot camp.

3. “It’s gonna be the night (I guess) to last forever (lucky us)”

Ok, really it’s gonna be the night to last from 7 p.m. to midnight at Abe & Jake’s, a downtown event space that Lawrence townies like myself know well from junior high winter formals gone by. Abe & Jake’s is within walking distance from great local restaurants, downtown bars, and chances to begin or end the night earlier or later than 7 p.m. or midnight.

4. “Don’t panic – PANIC!”

Grab your date (or the rockstars from your section) and use this as an opportunity to let loose. We’ve got Pub Night to look forward to on March 31st and finals to look forward to after that, so let it be what it is. Just like kindergarten.

– Karen Campbell is a 1L KU Law Student Ambassador from Lawrence, KS

Editors Note: Wondering what these lyrics are all about? Check out one of the best moments of Zac Efron’s career and relive your Barrister’s Ball experience by listening: