An introduction to OUTLaws & Allies

OUTLaws & Allies is the LGBT club here at KU Law. We want to give lesbian, gay, bi, and transgendered law students, as well as our straight allies, a safe place to learn the law, meet others with similar interests, and attend legal conferences pertaining to the issues that affect our everyday lives and to have a good time in the process. We also work with the OUTLaw club at UMKC and with KC Legal, which is the Kansas City LBGT Bar Association. This allows us a unique opportunity to meet and become acquainted with other law students and working attorneys, including many KU Law alumni. Every February we attend a weekend LGBT Law Conference in St. Louis along with several other Midwest law schools. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of law school or the OUTLaws in particular, please contact me at

Ryan Rash, 3L
President OUTLaws and Allies