Getting involved at KU Law

KU Law affords students countless opportunities to tailor a legal education to meet your personality. Combined with a smaller to mid-sized student body and comparable to other reputable law schools, students receive the individualized attention foundational to a successful experience. Entering law school, I have always hoped to work in Kansas City at either a corporation or law firm. Therefore, I sought opportunities that would best prepare me for my future. KU Law exceeded my expectations.

As a first-year student, I was immediately presented with opportunities for mentorship and networking. Career Services provided me with a valuable mentor to explore the ins and outs of networking and job-prospecting in Kansas City. I was also paired with a Dean’s Fellow (upper-level student mentor) that provided a valuable student-perspective on the transition from undergraduate to law school. Additionally, the student body has countless organizations, social events, and activities to choose between. Immediately, I felt connected and involved in my law school.

As the year progressed, I began exploring more substantive opportunities to gain hands-on experience. I participated in the joint writing competition and was accepted to the Kansas Journal of Law & Public Policy. On the Journal, I had the opportunity to edit, review, and cite-check the work of prestigious practitioners, professors, and scholars. This perfectly aligned with my desire to develop strong legal writing and researching abilities. I also obtained an invaluable position as a judicial extern for Magistrate Judge K. Gary Sebelius through KU Law’s Judicial Clinic. This provided a real opportunity to understand the practice of law as a young attorney and apply my classroom learning in a meaningful way.

As a third-year student, I feel ready and able to tackle upcoming challenges. Additionally, each of these opportunities led to new and exciting opportunities. For example, I am currently the Senior Symposium Editor for the Journal and will help host a symposium on “The Role of the States in Federal Healthcare Reform” in February 2011. I know that the skills and experiences I had were made possible because KU Law values students having opportunities at their disposal. In considering law schools, be sure to consider not just how the classroom environment will contribute to your learning; strongly consider how the larger law school experience will facilitate your development as a young attorney. I could not be more satisfied with my choices and experiences at KU Law.

T.J. Trum, 3L