Getting by with a little help from friends, and the perfect study spot

If you’re scoping out the perfect law school, you’re probably wondering about where to live, the local establishments where you can successfully avoid undergrads (and professors), the parking availability, the friendliness of faculty, or how transferable your J.D. will be.

I would like to add something else to your list… great places to study. As KU Law students and Lawrence residents, we are lucky to have so many study spots in town. I have a list of places that have helped me and others love the Lawrence area and helped us actually understand Contracts.

Starbucks: Everyone’s backup for studying is Starbucks and rightly so. Starbucks is a reliable institution with ample seating and chill music. Someone is always giving out Starbucks gift cards at law school events too. The Massachusetts street location is classic, but there are more study spaces at the 6th street location.

Bon Bon: Whether you are new or old to Lawrence, this place is going to be the hottest spot in town soon. Nestled in the art district of East Lawrence, this restaurant opens at 7 am for all you morning people out there looking for good drip coffee and gluten-free breakfast options.

Panera: My friends spend hours at Panera studying Torts and writing cover letters. I personally don’t get it, but it works for them. And, you will quickly find out you have got to find out what works best for you when it comes to studying so try out every place, even Panera.

The DeBruce Center: The classic go-to for everyone in Green Hall. DeBruce has everything a KU Law student needs, including: coffee, basketball, pulled pork sandwiches, and lots of outlets. This brand-new building is a getaway just right across the street when you have spent too much time in the law library.

Lawrence Public Library: This is probably considered an 8th wonder of the Library world. Lawrence is a hip town and this library is evidence. You can get a library card for free and schedule a high-tech glass-enclosed study room for effective group study. It will feel like you’re sitting in the fancy modern firm where you want to be a summer associate.

The Bourgeois Pig: Here, all the different lives of Lawrence meet, including: attorneys, artists, professors, college students and local residents. Don’t get distracted by the people, the beautiful art on the wall or the late-night drink menu, remember that you’re there to study.  Early Saturday mornings are the best time to grab a table and get your property notes finished before noon.

Green Hall: The oldie, but goodie that will never fail you. I reserved a desk near all my friends where I will find someone who can explain the reading for that day to me. We all get by with a little help from our friends, especially those who also care about your success as much as theirs. You can study at a desk, in the commons, find an empty classroom or practically anywhere.

– Jessie Pringle is a 1L and student ambassador from Chanute, Kansas.