Why choose Trento? The pictures say it all.

Mountains with clouds in foreground

A typical scene in Trento–a beautiful blue sky and clouds hanging low on the hillside.

3L Miranda Norfleet spent last semester studying with two KU Law classmates in Trento, Italy. Check out a few favorite memories from her stay, and the top four reasons she chose to study abroad.

The Views.  Trento is a small city nestled in a mountainous river valley on the southern edge of the famous Italian Dolomites.  From any vantage point in Trento, the mountains seem to extend endlessly.

Apartment building in front of mountains

The most-popular student housing accommodations in Trento, Studentato San Bartalomeo.

The Activities. A fortunate consequence of Trento’s mountainous locale is that it is impossible to be bored while living in Trento.  Networks of biking trails are everywhere, and plenty of hiking trails are sprinkled throughout the nearby mountains (generally the trailheads are easily accessible by public transportation).

bike trail alongside water and mountains

A bike trail along the Adige in the heart of Trento.

Three students on bike trail in front of buildings and mountains.

Biking with friends in Trento.

Miranda hiking alongside water and mountains.

A secluded day hike to a nearby lake.

Wooded hillside with fog and mountains in the background.

A beautiful hiking trail through a wooded hillside.

Bus stop with mountain views and clouds

Even waiting for the bus to retrieve you after a day hike is a scenic activity in Trento!

Mountainside with fall foliage.

Fall foliage in the Dolomiti.

Mountainous terrain and clouds.

A three-peak hike with some new friends near Monte Bondone in Trento.

Several large mountain lakes, like Lago di Garda and Caldonazzo, are just a short train or bus ride away and are excellent places to make a splash or lounge around with a glass of wine made from local grapes.

People walking on gravel roads through vineyards.

A late afternoon walk home through the vineyards from a day spent at Lago di Caldonazzo with good food, weather, and friends.

Person in water suspended from catamaran.

Catamaran-ing with friends at Lago di Garda, near Trento.

View of water and mountains.

Breathtaking views from a swimming beach at Lago di Garda.

The Food (and, more importantly, the vino). I’ve never been surrounded by so much pizza and pasta in my life, but Trento was more than that.  Because of the region’s unique history, Trento is a cultural blend of Germanic and Italian influences—which meant a culinary offering from both German and Italian cuisines.  Plus, think of all of the cannoli and gelato you can imagine, Trento has it all! Unfortunately, I’m way too into my food to ever think about snapping a picture before I inhale it, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

Meal with wine at outdoor cafe.

Typical “aperitivo” at Trento’s Piazza Duomo.

Two girls in winter coats eating gelato.

Notice the attire—in Italy, gelato is appropriate for all seasons.

The Community. Of course, someday I will reflect on my time in Trento and think fondly of the mountains and of the food, and I’ll cherish those days spent at the lakes or on the trails, but what I will most enjoy remembering will certainly be the people who shared those experiences with me. The University of Trento hosts approximately 400 international students at any given time, and almost all of them seemed to live in the same student housing complex. Unlike many study abroad programs I’ve heard about from friends, the program in Trento hosts far fewer Americans than it hosts students from all over the world (while I was in Trento, I only met one American aside from the two other Jayhawks studying there). I developed meaningful friendships with people from all over Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Asia. I learned about their cultures and we bonded over shared interests in the outdoors, in movies, in television or music, in food, in wine, in travel, and in just being a young adult.

Miranda and Gili laughing with hair blowing in front of water and mountains.

I spent Christmas Day hiking in Ireland with my Israeli friend, Gili, who studied with me in Trento. On the trail, we shared memories of holiday traditions our families had–I told her about my mom’s Christmas morning cinnamon rolls and explained the whole charade of Santa and his elves, and she talked about her favorite memories celebrating Rosh Hashanah on the beaches of Tel Aviv with family and friends.

Student group with Trento sign.

Visiting Siena with other international students from Trento.

My schoolwork in Italy was interesting and occasionally even challenging, but going into my semester abroad, I sought something bigger than a classroom—I wanted to challenge my ideals and expand my understanding of the world—and in my new international network of friends, I found that experience.

Miranda and Camila jump alongside a snowy, mountainous lake.

Hiking near Trento with my Chilean friend, Camila.

Friends in a dark nightclub with bright lights.

Enjoying a concert with my French friends, Jade and Joann, and my Chilean friend, Camila.

Friends in front of a windy, foggy lake.

Sightseeing with my Australian and Russian friends.

Friends at outdoor picnic table.

A beautiful night with friends from Australia, Iran, and Hungary, enjoying a meal we cooked together at our student accommodations.

– Miranda Norfleet is a 3L from Parkville, Missouri. Want to add an international dimension to your legal education? Stop by tomorrow’s Study Abroad Info Session and learn about upcoming programs.