Donald Pinckney
Donald Pinckney

With Thanksgiving only a few days away and my time at Green Hall coming to end, I wanted to use my last blog post as an opportunity to thank several people in my life who have contributed to my success in Green Hall.

I want to start by thanking my younger brother, Chris. While you might be the most intense person I know, you always have supported me in this process. I still remember my text to you during 1L orientation. I was so unsure of what I had just signed up for and honestly, without you, I’m entirely sure that I would not be where I am today. From outlines to help to pick classes, you were a sherpa to help me up this mountain and I cannot thank you enough.

Next, I want to thank my mom. I remember telling you I was moving to Kansas for law school, and you did not bat an eye. It was only love and support as I moved half away across the country to undertake this journey. Knowing that my mom’s house in Georgia would forever be a safety net made it possible to take this risk. I could not have even entertained going back to school let alone law school without your support. I thank you and will appreciate your support forever.

The friends I made in law school were necessary for me to be successful. When I moved to Kansas, I never imagined I would form such a tight group of friends that became like family. Matt, Henry, Jack, Jadyn, Kacey, Jamie, Mary-Kate and Hannah, COVID kind of forced us into becoming a group of friends but I could not imagine going through law school with any other group of people. Matt and Henry, you two are the best roommates or close friends I could ask for and I could not possibly ask for anything more. Spending the past two and half years struggling to understand our classes, celebrating the national championship, and watching Jack get married have been a great time that I would not trade for anything in the world.

Finally, I want to thank my girlfriend, Allie. My first two years in Lawrence were in the haze of COVID and I really could not appreciate the greatness of Lawrence, but you opened my eyes to how much I will miss Lawrence. You also were my rock during the trying times when law school felt like it was too much, or I needed the opinion of an adult. Who else would listen to inane rants about subjects where you only understand half of what I’m saying? I sincerely thank you for being there when law school took the most from me.

— Donald Pinckney is a 3L KU Law Student Ambassador from Toledo, Ohio