Islamic Law Students Association supports Muslim students, aims to improve understanding of Islam

The Islamic Law Students Association (ILSA) was created in 2007 with dual purposes in mind. On one hand, ILSA provides a networking platform for Muslim students at Green Hall to help and interact with each other. Considering that ILSA includes students from varying nationalities and academic backgrounds, it offers a wealth of experience among its members and the opportunity for all Muslim students to utilize it. In this regard, ILSA strives to aid Muslim students not just with career development, social life and academic and religious issues.

On the other hand, ILSA seeks to further diversify and improve all students’ understanding about Islam and Islamic law. In this vein, ILSA does not limit itself to Muslim students but invites all KU students to discuss any concerns or questions they have about Islam and Shari’a. ILSA hopes that with open discussion it can distance Islam’s image at the law school from terrorists and fundamentalists, provide a more receptive atmosphere for Muslim and non-Muslims alike, and explore the future of law and economics in Islam.

Elena Delkhah, ILSA President