Road work ahead

I have an inside scoop on a $250,000 ride that comes with its own driver. The best part is, this ride is FREE!

The “K-10 Connector” is a bus route provided courtesy of RideKC that runs between Johnson County Community College, the KU Edwards Campus and the KU Lawrence campus. If you’re someone considering commuting from the Overland Park area, this route will be your saving grace. It is a great option to cut down the cost of commuting, maximize productivity and reduce your carbon footprint. The route also runs from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., so whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, the route should be able to accommodate your preference. 

Ryan Love
Ryan Love, 1L Student Ambassador

Late night studying? No sweat! The noble steel steed can rock you right to sleep. Worried about that impending cold call? With RideKC’s expert drivers behind the wheel, you’re afforded the opportunity to brush up on cases during your commute. 

The K-10 commute has been a welcome transition from my NYC public transit experiences. The rolling hills of rural Kansas are a pleasant replacement for the rustling of rats between subway tracks. Although the people-watching is not as entertaining as in NYC, there have been some memorable moments. As a passenger, it is amusing to look out the window and watch the drivers on K-10 fumble with their Casey’s breakfast pizza or struggle to put on mascara while attempting to stay in their lane.

The K-10 Connector also opens the door to becoming a member of the coolest unofficial law student org there is: “Motion for Change of Venue,” (if you can think of a better name for the group, drop it in the comments). That’s right, you are not stuck with just me on your commute. Here is what a few of my fellow Change of Venuers had to say about living their best bus life:

RideKC bus in front of Green Hall

“I take the K-10 Connector since I live in Overland Park. It is a great way to reduce costs because I don’t have to pay for a parking permit, reduce miles on my car and save money on gas. The bus drops me off right outside the law school, which is convenient.” – Tatum Gibbar, 3L

“I live in Johnson County and take the bus to KU practically every day. I love it. The bus is fast, reliable and drops off at the front door of the law school.” – Daniel Volin, 1L

-By Ryan Love, a 1L from El Paso, Texas and KU Law Student Ambassador