BNA a trusted source of news for legal community

Library to offer BNA training session

In 1926, David Lawrence launched what he called the country’s “first truly national newspaper,” The United States Daily. He established the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) in 1929 as a division of U.S. Daily. BNA’s purpose was to report, interpret and explain the increasingly complicated workings of the federal government and their far-reaching impact on the economic life of the nation. In 1946, Lawrence offered to sell BNA to his top editors, who, in turn, opened up ownership to all BNA employees, making BNA the largest independent publisher of specialized news and information for professionals in business and government.

Today, BNA is a leading publisher of print and electronic news and information, reporting on developments in health care, business, labor relations, law, economics, taxation, environmental protection, safety and other public policy and regulatory issues. It is licensed for all KU Law students, faculty and staff connecting to the Internet through the Wheat Law Library.

BNA publishes – in print and electronic formats – more than 350 daily, weekly, monthly and up-to-the-minute news services covering the full range of legal, legislative, regulatory and economic developments that impact the business environment around the nation and the world. BNA’s full-service research and data division offers custom research, data and document retrieval services that augment the value of BNA publications.

More than 600 reporters, lawyers and editors working from the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, along with a network of national and international correspondents, deliver the highest editorial quality in the industry, providing timely, comprehensive, focused coverage so BNA customers spend less time on reading and research.

Year after year, customer groups recognize BNA’s leadership in editorial quality. American Lawyer Media’s annual survey of law librarians at the nation’s 200 largest law firms has given BNA the top rating on content quality among legal and business publishers since 2002.

Being that there are more than 350 news services available through BNA, I will only list some of my favorites.

  • BioTech Watch provides up-to-date information on the field of biotechnology.
  • Computer Technology Law Report covers areas ranging from anti-piracy to trademarks to open government. It’s not only applicable to those practicing law but also to those who use technology. Like everyone.
  • Daily Environment Report may sound like a segment on The Weather Channel, but you will not find your local forecast here. What is provided for you is analysis and perspectives on key issues shaping the laws and legislation that, in turn, affect the environment.
  • Health Law Reporter may be of particular interest as health care reform is being tested in Congress.
  • Tax and Accounting Center, also known as Tax Managment Portfolios. Anyone who has done any type of tax work will be familiar with BNA’s Tax Management Portfolios. Did you know that these are available online?

Of course, showing you what is available is only one step. The next is showing you how to use BNA. Want to learn? Attend our training session!

Tuesday, October 20
3:45 pm, 106 Green Hall

I hope to see you there!

Blake Wilson
Instructional & Research Services Librarian