Judicial Clerkship Clinic an invaluable educational experience

One of the main reasons I chose KU Law was the wide range of clinical opportunities provided for students. The effort the faculty and staff put into these programs is a true testament to the level of investment they have in each of us students, and it shows their desire to help make us the best legal professionals we can be. I knew that this level of encouragement and support I would receive from my professors and other staff members would make an enormous difference in my legal education.

This past summer I was fortunate to participate in the Judicial Clerkship Clinic. Students in the program are paired with judges in the Lawrence, Kansas City, Topeka and Wichita areas in both state and federal courts. I worked with a bankruptcy judge in Topeka and enjoyed the experience immensely. I learned more than I ever could have anticipated prior to beginning the clerkship. This clinic was a great way to get both practical legal experience and to make meaningful connections with members of the legal community.

I had received encouragement to make use of the clinical programs once I was here, and I could not be more thankful that I did. Not only did I learn and develop skills from the work projects I was assigned, but I also had ample opportunity to observe in the bankruptcy court as well as in federal district court and magistrate court. The time spent observing was one of the best learning experiences I believe I will have during law school. It was wonderful to see all of the procedure I read about in my first-year classes come to life. This experience helped complete my understanding of what will serve to be the foundation for the rest of my legal education and career.

I believe that KU Law is truly unique in the 11 clinical opportunities that it provides, and the benefit of these programs is extraordinary.

Kristen Koenen, 2L and Student Ambassador