Finding balance

Sophia Dinkel with children at Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence.

Busy law student, former teacher makes time to mentor children

While in law school you may have to give up a few things, like sleep. But you don’t have to give up your passion.

I have been working with kids for about 11 years now. The majority of those years were divided between three different summer camps. I also got my bachelor’s degree in secondary education. After I graduated from college, I taught 5th grade.

It’s safe to say that my passion is working with children.

But when I came to law school, I gave up working with kids to focus on my studies and really immerse myself in the law school experience. That was a good plan for my first year, but I really missed working with and mentoring children. So toward the end of my 1L spring semester, I applied to be a group leader at Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence. It has been one of the best decisions I have made so far! I am able to work with children and balance my busy law school schedule.

I love law school and all of its challenges. But I also love working at Boys & Girls Club and giving back to my community. Law school demands a lot, but everyone needs balance and a passion or hobby that helps them deal with the stress. Whether it’s reading, hitting the gym, climbing mountains or even mentoring children, we can make time in our busy lives to pursue the things that feed our spirit.

Sophia Dinkel is a 2L and KU Law Student Ambassador from Norman, Oklahoma.