Pregnant in Law School | Part 2: The Internship

KU Law student Joni Bodnar and fellow law firm interns

From left, Grant Treaster, Paul Budd, Joni Bodnar and Christopher Staley (Washburn).

Like many 2Ls beginning their summer internship, I was extremely nervous and worried about making a good impression, hoping for that coveted offer of full-time employment at the end of the summer. I was also one of five interns, and we all knew we most likely were competing for a limited number of offers. So, no pressure whatsoever!

KU Law student Joni Bodnar at her summer internshipI was only two weeks into that “no-pressure” internship when I found out I was pregnant. This was one of the most nerve-wracking things of all to sort through. In a normal job situation, I would simply wait the requisite 12 weeks and then make the joyous announcement to my boss and fellow co-workers that I was expecting. No big deal, right?

Well, a summer legal internship was completely different. Read More

Pregnant in Law School | Part 1: The Big News

Joni Bodnar, 7 months pregnant, right, pictured with her younger sister

Joni Bodnar, 7 months pregnant, right, pictured with her younger sister

When I first learned I was pregnant, I had just completed my 2L year and was two weeks into my summer internship with a law firm. Now I know there are many different emotions a woman may feel when she finds out she is pregnant, depending on her particular circumstances. Since I was already married with two children, ages 5 and 7, one would think the news of a third child on the way would cause me elation, but that honestly was not my initial reaction.Read More

Law school no exception to ‘practice makes perfect’ mantra

Johnathan Koonce, KU Law Student Ambassador

Over the last three years, I’ve noticed striking similarities between playing sports and being a law student. Both activities require lots of time and dedication. To excel in either, you must learn the game, discover your strengths and weaknesses, and of course practice, practice, practice in preparation for game day. To be successful in law school, there are three things to remember: train daily, practice makes perfect, and play until the end.Read More

3L gains experience, confidence in Tribal Judicial Support Clinic

Zach Boggan

Third-year law student Zach Boggan developed an interest in Indian law when he took a course on the subject and participated in the Native American Law Students Association moot court program.

“It can be hard to find a firm practicing Indian law in a meaningful way,” Boggan said. “That’s what drove me to the clinic, to get a practical application of Indian law.”Read More

I get by with a little help from my friends

KU Law students with Professor Bill Westerbeke

From left: Law students Jennifer Hackman, Professor Bill Westerbeke, Joni Bodnar, Ashlyn Lindskog, Andrea Horvath and Suzanne Hale.

I began a little routine during my last semester of my 3L year at KU Law. It starts with dragging myself out of bed and giving myself a pep talk as I blankly stare into my closet for 10 minutes.

“OK, Ashlyn. You can do this. You can be a person today. You’re almost done. Who cares what anyone says … leggings are absolutely pants.”Read More

Judicial Clinic ‘puts things in perspective’ for 2L

Maureen Orth

Second-year law student Maureen Orth aspires to be a litigator, and just halfway through law school, she’s well on her way.

“While you learn a lot in your first year, there’s a lot that you don’t understand until you’ve actually seen it,” Orth said. “Getting to be in the courtroom and getting to see different proceedings has really helped flesh out my academic coursework and understand how it all fits together.”Read More